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Cathedral of Christ the Savior
The current church was rebuilt between 1995 and 2000 and is the second to stand on this place. The original church was built during the 19th century as a memorial to the sacrifices of the russian people during the Patriotic War 1812 with Napoleon.
House on the Embankment
Аpartment building on Bersenevskaya Embankment of the Moskva river was built in 1931. Tenants of the house were Communist party leaders, outstanding scientists and writers.
Monument to Vladimir the Great
A 17.5-metre-high monument to Vladimir the Great, located in Borovitskaya Square in Moscow.
Alexander Garden
The first public park in Moscow was founded in 1821. It consists of three separate gardens, which stretch along all the length of the western Kremlin wall.
Moscow Manege
Erected in 1857 Moscow Manege was the largest building in Russia at that time. Initially, the Manege was used for parades of horsemen and as a training school for officers.
The Moscow archeology museum
The museum is located in a room,
at a depth of 7 meters in the historic center of Moscow.
State Historical Museum
The collection of the museum reflects the history and the culture of Russia from the ancient times to our day and is absolutely unique in the number and content of exhibits.
A large department store located on the Red Square
Old English Yard
After the discovery of the Northern Sea Route, which connected England with Russia, the residence of the British trading company located right here.
Chambers of The Romanov Boyars
The only museum in Russia that acquaints visitors with all aspects of the patriarchal way of life of the Moscow boyars in the 16th-17th centuries on the example of genuine monuments of art.