Smolenskaya - Arbatskaya
down the main street of Moscow

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one in seven high buildings of early 1950s. The authors of building design - architects M. Minkus and
V. Gelfreykh.
Apartment of Andrey Bely
The world's only Museum dedicated to a poet, writer, philosopher, theorist of symbolism and one of the most brilliant representatives of the Silver age of russian literature Andrei Bely.
Pushkin's memorial apartment
Memorial apartment of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
Okudzhava Monument
The poet had been living in the house #43 for a long time, so the monument to the famous soviet singer was installed exactly on this street.
Tsoi Wall
The wall of the house on Arbat street, which is covered with songs paragraphs and love confessions to the musician Victor Tsoi
Vakhtangov Theatre
On November 13, 1921 the audience, which came to see the perfomance "Saint Antony's Miracle" staged by E. Vakhtangov, became the witness of the new theatre birth, which later got its name after its founder.
Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial House
Memorial museum of the famous russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva.
Mikhail Lermontov House & Museum
On August 1, 1828 Elizaveta Arseneva, Mikhail Lermontov' s grandmother rented this house. Future russian poet lived here for several years.
Gogol's House
Ancient Moscow mansion, which is located the museum of the famous writer Nikolay Gogol. He spent four last years of his life in this house.
Khudozhestvenyy Cinema
One of the few active cinemas in the world that has century-old history.